Setup Unit Survey

ATTENTION: Only nominated survey administrators should set up unit surveys on this page (see menu item 2 – Survey Information → Survey Instructions).

Step 1 – Check Unit Hierarchy

1.    If this is the first time your unit has conducted a SEAT, check '3 - HIERARCHY VIEW' in the left menu to ensure your unit has been created on the system and that the hierarch structure and unit name are current and correct. If this is not the case contact your service administrator (Contact details at menu item '11 – CONTACT US'). before proceeding to Step 2.

Step 2 – Determine Number and Type of Surveys Required

2.    Before initiating a survey(s) it is necessary to determine how many are required. SEAT gives the most useful results if it is possible to breakdown results into groups of similar functions, working environments and chain of command. For this reason, units should initiate a survey per group. This often equate to one survey of the appropriate type per unit, but it may not. Some typical examples are below.
  1. Typical flying sqn: Aircrew – 1 survey; Engineers – 1 survey. Total 1 Aircrew and 1 Engineering survey.
  2. Typical eng spt sqn: GEF – 1 survey; AEF – 1 survey; Component Bays – 1 survey. Total 3 Engineering surveys.
  3. Typical flying trg sqn: Instructors – 1 survey; Students – 1 survey; Engineers – 1 survey. Total 2 Aircrew and 1 Engineering survey.

3.    Next, select the types of surveys required from the below table. As default SEAT uses 5 fixed surveys (examples of which can be found at item '4 – SAMPLE SURVEYS'). The fixed nature of the question sets has been designed to provide an organisation with an indication of its safety climate while ensuring repeatability and on-going comparison and analysis. However, SEAT does provide the option to include a small number of bespoke survey items to enable an organisation to gather information on specific issues or areas of concern that may not already be covered by the existing items. For more information on additional survey questions see menu item '2 – SURVEY INFORMATION – Optional Survey Items'.

AircrewAircrew Safety SurveySurveys Aircrew regarding perceptions of safety culture in the operating environment.
EngineeringEngineering Safety SurveySurveys engineering and technical personnel regarding perceptions of safety culture in their work environment.
Support ServicesSupport Services Personnel Safety SurveySurveys personnel in the wider support roles regarding perceptions of safety culture in their work environment.
Air Operations SupportAir Operations Support Safety SurveySurveys ATC, ABM, Flt Ops, and Int personnel regarding perceptions of safety culture in their work environment.
HQHQ SurveySurveys Higher Headquarters personnel regarding perceptions of safety culture in the operating environment.

Step 3 – Request Surveys

4.    For each survey required complete the below fields and press 'Add to Request List'. 'Survey Group Description' is a free text area which allows for the differentiation of similar types of survey within a single unit. i.e. from the example above, all 3 Eng Spt Sqn surveys will be engineering safety surveys and both instructor and student surveys from the flying trg sqn, will be Aircrew surveys. The 'Survey Group Description' allows you to enter the Flt name or Instructor/Student, for instance.

5.    Repeat the process until all required surveys are in the request list then press the green 'Proceed to Unit Selection' button at the bottom of the page.

Step 4 – Input Unit Details

6.    Select your unit from the hierarchy list and click 'Proceed to Final Registration' at the bottom of the page. You will then be prompted to enter your location, administrator and OC/CO's details (you will be the survey administrator unless directed otherwise by your OC/CO).

7.    Finally, click 'Submit Request'. You should then contact your service administrator who will confirm the registration process has been completed correctly and initiate the survey(s). This will generate an automated email providing further instructions.